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In this town it was stabilizing a small group that was for long time proposing to be leader because the image of ancient king of being it is to be rotweiller. Katowice a small town in Poland it was into a time a theater of some very special events. On the main road to Kiev that it is crossing the small market on the cum să eliminați cutele de pe bărbie of Katowice it is populating with Tracks drivers that are staying here to be getting some rest before to be driving a long of the very insure road to the Intermobiliare suisse anti aging and Moscow.

Depends what it is the important think that it is thinking that it must to be happening with your delivering for your boss and not a lot for others. The money that are getting intermobiliare suisse anti aging for the hot stuff were paying by a bank but they are representing all the time the payment for a black sale or for a very special service thinking that it must to be doing.

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Before a time the population was realizing that the safe of this bank it is keeping intermobiliare suisse anti aging watch into the small church of this market yard. In the leader of the catholic church Pap John Paul the Second was trying to be finalizing one of his idea that the churches must to be units intermobiliare suisse anti aging one single church.

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The idea it was indeed one that it no reason to be separating but behind of this idea it was the reason that the American controlling it must to be keeping upon to the Arabian oil fields. If we are needing a large explanation this is no so difficult to be giving, keeping near the muesli to insure of the pipe lines for delivering of the fuel from Arabian fields into European market it was very stable in special into afghan territory.

Before his dead in 1st July the situation it was changed. In The Pap John Paul the Second it was doing a cultural trip into eastern countries like Romania but he was no accepting into Greece and Russia to be talking with these two orthodox church leaders.

Before his dead the leader of the orthodox Greek church it was making intermobiliare suisse anti aging cultural trip into Arabian territories and before into the eastern countries it was putting down the British Shell Oil and it was appearing Austrian-Hungarian MOL Oil Company. Intermobiliare suisse anti aging, before this into the summer of in Georgia it was registrable like a very strong storm like natural Georgian event and the delivering pipe line for the Shell refineries from Romania it was broken.

Before this the international press was realizing that into the afghan territory it is a very strong producing of the cocaine and H-H. This was a covering explanation that the oil delivering of the fuel from afghan territory it was becoming very insure to intermobiliare suisse anti aging protecting. Before three years of a defection government into Romania it was appearing here into the military deposits the weapons rubbing and delivering into a very unknown destination but before two weeks it was realizing the international press that one Arabian general it was sale the easy weapons into Iraqi territory, Palestine, Pakistan and Russian territory.

It was appearing the bobs and military attacks in Istanbul that was realizing the destroying of the Istanbul Bridge by a bomb from a fishing ship and before a destruction of the San Francisco Bridge by a oil cargo navy.

Into the polish church were appearing no into same time three men. The intermobiliare suisse anti aging it was a Russian rotweiller that was talking with the banker for a special man that he is needing.

I am needing to be paying these money for this man that I am needing. Thank you Sir, hallo Sir. She was coming into the office very smiling to him. Have you a coffee? By the way, may I have a question?

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I will be waiting you. Thank you, Sir. No checking very carefully the technical engine of one south Korean fuel oil tank navy and the insurance it will be paying by LLoids into the US Dollars.

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Writer, borne in44 years old and I like you very much. I am loving your style, you are very looking good. Early in the morning he was reading the news papers from the England and USA. Between the two foreign papers he was very easy under one Romanian news paper. Writer, what can I do for you?

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It is not so early for you? So what? It is needing a question just like this: What for it was founding in the new Israel state? Like a justify of dead of J. In those time political attitude in Arabian territories it was controlling by Iraq and Iran but not at all just in cause that they were no economical conflicts about nuclear developing system and the delivering of the payment for this in fuel to the Russia.

Like a proposal to be stabilizing the new state Israel that was no a acceptable political situation for the communist Russia, it was provoking two strong army conflicts in Vet Nam and Korea that it was a justification that the army controlling into Indian ocean for the delivering of the fuel from Arabian territories it was becoming more sure than ago trying to be putting into a one country Viet Nam and Korea.

The loosing of Viet Nam war it was provoking the Watergate afire and the dead of JFK that the internal American situation it was intermobiliare suisse anti aging t reamer by Luther King and the demonstration for no racism. The dead of Intermobiliare suisse anti aging King it was no justification like a crime that Americans are against to the other colorizes of human being, it is a justify of disturbing of the American government that it was very busy with the internal problem Luther king provoking to the Nixon and JFK a internal disastrous.

The place that was possible to be executing the first JFK that was continuing the negotiation for stabilizing of the sate Israel it was Dallas for covering the near zone that was very popular Luther king and covering him, using like cover the strong oil industry of America.

It started in service with the Swedi sh Air Force inand for the time being one-seat and 28 two-seat a ircraft have been delivered. Fourteen Gripen fighters were delivered to th e Czech Republic, 14 were bought by Hungary, 26 ordered by South Africa, an d six by Thailand. Operational ' Comes from the word operate Operating an aircraft for any air force means flying and waging war against enemies to be defeated.

If you are needing to be finding the real person that its the killer of JFK and the second Kennedy and of course the died of Luther that was must to be disappearing like and internal hero, it is needing to be studding the petrol its Arabians that it were refusing to be collaborating with USA. After the end of the second war, in time that the Jewish people it was trying the extermination of them to the Yalta it was negotiating the new organizing in influences zones of the economical developmental of the world.

To be despairing of this secret delivering because the Americans were very surprising by the declaring of the president Brezhnev that they are very closer intermobiliare suisse anti aging be realizing of a corespondent of Columbia Air Navy, Olav Palme was assassinating by Russians to be suspiciously of the world against Americans.

The first girl friend of my father from Poland it was a banker woman. The explanation it is that the investment for Greek Olimpic Games it was no solving. In this cause the Greek Air Company it will be putting down and the insurance of the air plane it will be paying by the American insurance company? What for a bomb into the London Metro? Yes, you must to be very carefully that if you are no paying the money.

This is the situation, the GPB it will be following down into the European market. In this cause the oil delivering it is becoming very insure, the price of insurance to the American insurance company it is intermobiliare suisse anti aging very expansive and I am thinking that it was re negotiation.

The price of MOL fuel it is becoming more expansive. Into the Russian territory a new atentate into Cece territory. In this cause the pipe line intermobiliare suisse anti aging Baghdad to the Yukoc it is becoming very insure and the price of the Russian fuel it is becoming more expansive.

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What is happening? Be careful the GBP it will also following intermobiliare suisse anti aging dear. I like your color. I hope you will be.

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So, what are needing to tell me about last party? Keep it going on. The money are going to the argila albastra masca fata into the Olimpic Games Forum. So, I will be waiting you. He will be. On a long of few kilometers the pipe line was destroying.

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The news was seeing by Mario in Greece where he was still working just like regular worker. No like a very important think he was looking to the Euro dollar that was very easy following down. He was no way sale because inside of the investment of buying the Shell actions by MOL Austria were a lot of members from Romania that were needing a lot of money to be actionaries to the MOL Austria.

The Euro dollar was growing up not by a long time and in inside of the Romanian market was provoking a strongly cries. Same cries it was realizing into Greece.

intermobiliare suisse anti aging este posibilă îndepărtarea pliurilor nazolabiale

It was observing to the TV the the payment of the retirement and the salaries were very strongly following down. That was meaning that the new pipe line it intermobiliare suisse anti aging building into the Greece and Bulgarian territory because into Bulgarian there were many meetings for Greece collaboration.

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No by a long time the Euro was growing very strongly growing up and Mario was buying. Before a stable part of time that in Lebanon was just rear atentate because the negotiation between Israel and Palestine and not just it was appearing the blocking of the negotiations between two parts that are all of the Arabian oil counties speaking about West Bank that were accounting the Arabian oil money and into Pakistan the government was blocking by opposite party, it was distributing weapons into three Arabian countries and it was appearing intermobiliare suisse anti aging.

For Mario that was meaning that the pipe line that was delivering fuel to the Russian Yukoc was instable, the explanation coming of course that he was reading a new article about an natural accident in Azov Sea and atentate into Istanbul and Lebanon that was explaining that the pipe line for delivering the fuel into the Europe from Turkey and Greece and Bulgaria was blocking by the exploding atentate.

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Also the fuel money from Arabian territories were starting to be accounting again into the Arabian banks from Lebanon. That was explaining for him that the fuel dollars for USA were blocking and the US Dollar was starting to be growing up but not like Euro dollar because the new fixing and investing money into the European oil companies there were be doing in Euro.

October 2, 4 aprilie Sa ne gandim la urmatorul scenariu paranoid, dar cu sanse din pacate de a fi real. In aceste zile, cand Gigi Becali, oligarhul imobiliar, patronul Stelei Bucuresti, este arestat pentru sechestrare de persoana 3 golanasi, trei smecherasi care i-au furat limuzina…. Becali este acuzat ca si-a facut singur dreptate, si atunci incepi sa te intrebi daca nu cumva istoria si ceea ce s-a intmplat mamei mele, familiei, oarecum, mie, in intermobiliare suisse anti aging, nu sunt cumva simple coincidente, ci ar face parte dintr-un scenariu minutios, pus la punct de anumite interese oculte… Poate ca maestrii papusari intr-un aparent scenariu de cover-up oltenesc, dar cu complicitati in cercurile cele mai inalte ale puterii — ipotetic — sunt relativ deranjati de mine ca incep sa-mi pun pe hartie anumite amintiri si perceptii personale asupra unor situatii relativ controversate.

On the European market values he was realizing it will be a crease because the investing money it was must to be quickly and the returning the money into the banks it is doing not so aggressive. In this cause he was realizing that it will be more and more a growing up of the level of Euro dollar in the first part very aggressive because it will be needing to be caching more and more but enough to be buying the oil actions and before a easy growing up because the balance between US dollar and Euro dollar it will be changing from time to time but not for a long time.

Astfel prin tenologia GIS se poate crea sistemul geoinformational municipal, ce are ca scop achiziţia, structurarea și diseminarea informaţiei adecvate despre starea infrastructurii teritoriale și crearea în baza tehnologiilor moderne a unui spaţiu informaţional comun al municipiului. Realizarea sistemului geoinformational municipal va servi drept mecanism de implementare largă a tehnologiilor moderne cu un impact decisiv asupra dezvoltării regionale.

The priority for a report it will be like usually GBP. He was continuing to be buying Euro. A day like usually for Mario and same for Jo. He was reading the new York Times about the last report about economical situation of USA and it was realizing that the resources a getting easy down the indicator John Down it was following down with points.

The industrial reserves are getting down and into MOL Austrian the profit it was also following easy getting down. For Mario that was just a simple explanation that the Governmental reserves were not supplicating by MOL and somewhere it was buying another actions like British Shell to be buying the MOL actions more easy. To be getting down the profit of Austrian Mol that it explaining that the exploitation and price are growing up and the company is needing US dollar. This is provoking an getting down of inflationary rhythm of US dollar before but now the US dollar it will be growing up.

He was continuing to buy Euro because he is accepting that his self profit to be constant intermobiliare suisse anti aging up and if he is accepting just in cause of a very quickly investing it will be using the Dollar level of intermobiliare suisse anti aging.

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I will be. One article from The Guardian it was explaining to him the into the British election it was despairing two disks with This think it was very superficial or may be not supposing a think that was using to be the winer but into the same time it was another explanation for Mario that all those persons were maybe foreign persons and all of them were ill persons and the British budget it was must to be paying a lot of money for them.

All of these persons were changeling with other persons that are hard working for British budget and they were becoming the real electors.

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Before a time for ex Prime Minister was stabilizing that he is needing to be investing a lot of money into the Manchester county into the luxuriant casinos. The asking question that was appearing for Mario it was why into the Manchester county? It is there a civil harbor to be spending a lot of money? Are there hunky town girls? Into same time in Romania the price of the Shell actions it was becoming more and more growing up and the level of Mol it was following down.

He was buying continuous Moll Oil and Euro dollar. In time of the investing money into the Manchester casinos into Romania, Hungary and Austria were appearing the suicides to the not so much riches men under consuming the drugs, alcohol and young women.

If you are studding the reason of death you will realizing that these rich men were intermobiliare suisse anti aging for women or alcohol or playing into the casinos a lot of money but the are important actionaries to the MOL Oil or to the Shell Oil. In Katowice it was appearing the Russian rotweiller. To intermobiliare suisse anti aging getting the money. Not because he was left on his job, it was just a part of his life that was not so important from the moment that Jo was starting to be appreciating the reality.

That mean for Mario that the value of US dollar it continuous growing up.