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In the modern world music is considered to be one of the strongest instruments in the sphere of medicine, psy- chology, pedagogy etc.

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The research of the music perception from the perspective of the biorhythms of a human body aligned to the corresponding acoustic rhythms would allow in the field of physical education to determine the level of influence of music on the quality of the realized educational, pedagogical, training, recovery and rehabilitation lessons.

The aim of the research is to establish the influence of music on the psychophysical state of a person. The following theoretical research methods were used: abstract and axiomatic method, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, idealization, comparison and generalization of materials on anatomy, physiology, psychophysiology, biorhythmology, physics, biomechanics, music.

In the given article are presented the rhythmic processes of perception of musical compositions that are different by structure and character in conformity with the human biorhythm. When they coincide a person at listening music receives positive emo- tions that arise the desire to live, create and develop.

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A negative influence is noticed at the perception of non-rhythmic sounds, which provokes in listeners either aggression of depression. The physiological and psychological particularities of music must be taken into consideration both at the organization of the educational and pedagogical process of physical educa- tion, sport training, fitness, and in the system of physical education lessons of recovery and rehabilitation. Keywords: music, sound, rhythm, biorhythms, psychophysiology, education.

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From the earliest times music of the research is to establish the influence of mu- was considered to be an important and irreplace- sic on the psychophysical state of a person. In ac- able means for the formation of personal quali- cordance with this the tasks of the research are: ties and inner world of a person.


Even in Ancient study the phenomenon instructor zumba suisse anti aging music from the per- Greece it was supported the idea that of music spective of physics, physiology and psychology; has an influence on the emotions of a person, it determine the qualitative aspects of sound as an was proved that some melodies strengthen cour- acoustic system; identify the correspondence be- age and endurance, others, on the contrary, make tween the biological and musical rhythmic char- gentle.

And in the modern world music is consid- In the present work are analyzed the literature ered to be one of the strongest instruments in the references on anatomy, physiology, psychophysi- sphere of medicine, psychology, pedagogy etc. Be- sic.

The realization of the set tasks presupposed htereva [5,12,19], N. Aladjalova [2,3], V. The sis and synthesis, induction and deduction, ideal- basis of physiological perception of music is the ization, comparison and generalization. As a physical phe- of the human brain and entire body.

The action of sound waves The Science of Physical Culture ception from the perspective of the biorhythms on the hearing organ through the acoustic nerve of a human body aligned to the corresponding in the brain creates the perception of sound. The aim musical sounds belong the sounds produced by 12 Nr.

Sound quality — instructor zumba suisse anti aging reflection standing waves is perceived like something fa- of the above mentioned physical sound charac- miliar, because, according to F. To this group belong: ], 96 ms before this acoustic perception the height, duration, force volume and timbre col- acoustic wave through the water body structure oration [18].

The move- Height of sound depends on the frequency of ment of the electrical impulse through neurons sound oscillations.

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The more frequent is the oscil- from the drum membranes to the auditory cortex lation — the higher is the sound, the less frequent is much slower several tens of meters per sec- is the oscillations — the lower is the sound. Pitch ond than the hydraulic acoustic wave in the hu- can be expressed with different levels of clarity. Thus, di- The sounds with a clear pitch are musical sounds, rectly the body, and namely its surface, perceives the ones without a clear pitch — noise sounds.

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Aladjalova analyses the char- the range from 16 to oscillations per second. The speech itself uses sounds within even a lowing characteristics: closer limit. The change of the sound volume during collective form of participation at general the execution of a musical composition is called regulations tasks; dynamic inflection.

Each sound is not just a simple, functional dynamics, on the basis of which but a combination of more tones which appear lies the ability for flexible coordination, de- because the source of the sound oscillates not velopment of new forms of cooperation, only as a whole, but at the same time some parts which reflects the mechanisms that are at of it half, third, fourth, fifth part etc.


The Science of Physical Culture the oscillatory movement. The organization of a However, for every type of rhythmic activity of sequence of similar or different sounds is called brain there is a strictly determined correspond- rhythm.

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Aladjalova The influence of all musical and noise sounds [4] considers that the levels of consciousness are is realized not only on the acoustic analyzer, but controlled by the slow rhythmic, the instructor zumba suisse anti aging on the entire human body. Thus, the period of restless, Nr. According to In this aspect the musical rhythm can be re- normative acts [8], the levels of non-continuous garded both as means and condition of the as- noise for hospital and spa resort wards must be similation of the given rhythm related to one or dB, living rooms — dB, on the ter- another physiological or psychological process.

The impact ization in time mode of sounds, which embody of industry related noise within dB causes artistic images. The expressive means of music are vegetative dysfunction in men, dB — loss mode, rhythm, meter, dynamics sound volumeof hearing, dB and more — deterioration of register pitch of soundtimbre, melody, harmo- the auditory analyzer [11].

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The noise pain limit ny, polyphony etc. There is also the notion is on the level of dB, which can lead to lethal of musical syntax, which allows decomposing a outcomes. Reaching the external period, which most fully reflects the natural bio- auditory canal sounds cause fluctuations of the logical super-slow rhythmic, both of the human drum membranes, which through the set of au- brain and the entire body, which fact determines ditory ossicles are sent to the receiving structures the psycho physiological norm of the body [17].

Besides this, the transmission The German chronobiologist H. Pfalz [13] of acoustic vibrations can be made not only by made a correlation between the musical rhythm air.

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Thus, during singing with the mouth shut the and memory for a musical composition on one sound is transmitted through skull bones directly hand and the biological rhythm of the human to the internal ear [6]. Thus, the biological rhythms are, in a dustry related activity area of modern man.

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The way, inner tuning forks for the perceived music impact on the entire body, but not only on the and in the case when they coincide, then the per- acoustic analyzer is possible instructor zumba suisse anti aging to the existence son listens to music with pleasure.

This music is of an additional mechanism, which is not taken better perceived and remembered.

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The The negative influence on the body is identi- basic drawbacks of the neural model of informa- fied at the perception of non-rhythmic, unstably tion transmission from external stimuli is caused repeating sounds, which are characteristic for the by the traditional presentation of the crema anti-imbatranire pentru modern rock music.

The non- or religious music [22]. Sinkevich [16] con- puters [16].

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Moskalionov resonating characteristics of the human body and had established that the binaural compositions, it manifests itself on the surface as changes of the based on the physiological principles of acous- super-slow potential of the brain.

This statement tic analyzer functioning are an important impact is taken into consideration for the realization of factor for the somatic and psychological body the psycho physiological researches in the field of state.


In these circumstances the model binaural music therapy. This way, For the purpose of general invigoration V. Besides this, it was correction of functional state of the body, real- established, that music therapy can be effective ized through the exposure to three dimensional in decreasing the level of anxiety, blood pressure, acoustic fields within the limits of human hear- pulse normalization, post operation instructor zumba suisse anti aging, depres- ing.

The proposed acoustic stimulation includes sion, vegetative dysfunctions [21,24]. Thus this music records are through the intracranial vessels had shown that reproduced only with the help of a special acous- the music relaxation therapy improves blood cir- tic system that creates running and standing culation [23].