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Kennedy, Jr. Josh: Joining us today on the summit is Robert F. Kennedy, welcome and thank you so much for being here today. Kennedy: Thanks for having me.

Piesele cu cea mai mare importanță culturală, multe dintre ele unicate sau rarități, sunt expuse în două săli de la par- ter. Cu precădere, demne de menționat, sunt: Șarpele Glykon, una dintre piesele unicat ce face parte din tezaurul tomitan de sculpturi descoperit înalături de bustul zeiței Isis și aedicula cu dublă reprezentare a zeiței Nemesis; cea mai mare parte a tezaurului de vase de argint descoperite la Sucidava - Izvoarele; grupul statuar format din Fortuna și zeitatea Mă- rii Negre, Pontos divinitățile protectoare ale Cetății Tomis - o colecția de portrete ale împăraților romani ce se întinde de la Antonius Pius până în antichitatea târzie cu Constantin cel Mare.

Josh: Your work and your background, Mr. Kennedy, you really need no introduction. Obviously, our audience is going to be familiar with you. Before we dive into your perspective on 5G, I wanted to first ask you, was there a turning point in your life or was it a gradual process or perhaps it was genetic, what led you to this role that you currently have of being a freedom fighter and willing just to take a bold stand for what you feel is right?

Kennedy: Well, I got involved in environmental issues when I was a very little kid. I loved the outdoors.


I loved the rivers and streams and animals. I was very involved with wildlife from when I was little. I was conscious of pollution. This was back in the late 50s and early 60s. Washington DC had cement plants that were belching up smoke and the soot would come down and land on your clothes. At that time, there was a lot of air pollution where tens of thousands of people would die every year in our country. I was conscious that we were losing species.


InI was deeply involved in hawks, falcons, training hawks from when I was a little kid. A kind of iconic bird for me was the Eastern — or 1 Anatum — Peregrine falcon which was the eastern version of the most spectacular predatory bird in the world.

It was a salmon pink and had beautiful white covert on the cereand ego sunsense anti aging mat review was a pair of them that used to nest on this old post on this building in Washington DC. And, whenever I would go visit my father who was the Attorney General or my uncle in the White Crema pentru ridurile pliurilor nazolabiale, I would look forward to those trips because I could look down Pennsylvania Avenue to the post office building and I could see these birds up there.

They were the fastest birds in the world. They flew miles per hour, and I could watch them come down Pennsylvania Avenue at these extraordinary speeds and pick pigeons out of the air right in front of the White House, 50 or 60 feet above the White House. For me, seeing a sight like that was more exciting than visiting my uncle in the White House.

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But that bird went extinct from DDT inthe same year that my uncle was killed. I remember the Santa Barbara oil spill and I remember when Lake Erie, which was the biggest fishery — half the ego sunsense anti aging mat review in the Great Lakes came out of Lake Erie — and, when it was declared dead, ego sunsense anti aging mat review drove 20 million Americans out into the street in I was 16 years old and went to New York City to demonstrate.

I was involved with environment from when I was little. When I was 8 years old, I wrote my uncle, the President, a letter and asked him if I could come talk to him about pollution in the White House. He invited me there and I spent time with him in the Oval Office.

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Then he arranged for me to meet with Rachel Carson who came to our house in Hickory Hill, who he was actually defending at that time from the attacks by Monsanto and by his own USDA, by the Department of Agriculture, and also his Secretary of the Interior. I was always involved in that. When I became an attorney, I went to work for fishermen on the Hudson suing polluters and helping build the Waterkeeper Alliance, which has now waterkeepers in 44 countries with the biggest water protection group in the world.

I got dragged kicking and screaming ego sunsense anti aging mat review the vaccine issue.

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I was litigating at that time on behalf of various waterkeepers in the United States and Canada against about, I think, 38 coal-burning power plants and cement kilns across North America mainly for discharging mercury.

That was what we were targeted on.

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When I was suing, I was going around the country talking about those lawsuits and, wherever I went these women would sit in the front row and they would come up to me afterward — and they were very presentable. They were professionals most of them.

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One of them actually came to my house in Cape Cod. I wanted to be a scientist when I was a kid and that is one of the reasons I got into this racket. So, when I sat down and read it, I was immediately struck by the delta between what the scientific establishment, medical establishment, were saying about vaccines and mercury and what the science actually said. That kind of took me down a wormhole on this issue. How does 5G fit into your initiative?

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We have been very instrumental and involved in the Roundup case and litigation. PFOAs and then other kinds of pesticides and fluoridation. And, so, 5G is something that really fits in with all of the other things we are doing.

Our children today are walking around or swimming around in a toxic soup. There is a lot of inflammation and reaction that has synergistic effects from all kinds of different sources as it is and 5G may be an aggravating factor in all of those things. Electromagnetic waves, we know, impact children and they impact fetuses and children more than they do adults.

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We know they cause immune activation, they cause inflammation. The World Health Organization has said they are probable carcinogens. They are a very powerful industry, multi-trillion-dollar telecommunications. You have a military involvement which makes it a lot more difficult. There are immunity issues. It is hard to sue them.

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